If you're interested in having a look at the rules regarding membership, you can download them here. Application forms can be obtained from current members. Note that the application cannot be accepted online, and must be vetted by current members.

Membership Application, Process & Operating Rules: Membership Application Process

All new prospective members (PM) must be sponsored by an existing WOFC member in good standing. If the prospective member does not know anyone at WOFC, come hang out at the Club and get to know us and we can get to know you.

  1. PM identifies who they wish to sponsor them and asks them to do so.
  2. The PM shall submit the following to the membership officer, (MO) in person or via email -
    1. Completed membership application, pg 3 only of this document
    2. ‘Social Member’ Fee - $22.12 + 2.88 HST No need to send aviation docs.
    3. Scan of pilot information page in their aviation document
    4. Scan of last two full pages and any subsequent partial pages of the prospective members aviation log book.
    5. Flying Member fee - $325 + HST = $367.25
    6. ‘Owner Member’ one time fee (only as an add on to Flying Member) of $350 by
      1. Preferred - E-transfer to the Treasurer with a copy of the application.
      2. Cheque via mail to “Woodstock Ontario Flying Club.”
  3. The PM shall attend one general member meeting or board meeting prior to being accepted as a member. Meetings are on the 3rd Wed of each month, throughout the year. General meetings on odd months, Board meetings on even.
  4. The MO shall verify all information provided by the PM and make any inquiries as deemed necessary. If the PM lacks some credentials, the MO shall contact the PM to determine if he/she is willing to meet the requirements in a reasonable period of time.
  5. If the PM is unable or unwilling to meet the requirements or is deemed as unsuitable to become a member of the club, the membership fee shall be returned to the PM along with a note declining membership.
  6. Once the MO is satisfied with the information submitted, the PM will be issued a self driven membership checklist (MC). On completion and submission of the MC to the MO, the MO will award the PM with membership status and return the MC.
  7. To fly the club aircraft, the member must take the MC and meet with the safety officer (SO) to review the safety portion of the MC and take a check ride on type. NOTE - the member must be current as a pilot as per CARS to fly the club aircraft. If they are not current, they must complete a check ride on type at an outside designated training facility. Once the SO is satisfied with the members flying, the SO will advise the MO and Treasurer that the member is now able to reserve the aircraft. The MC must then be resubmitted to the MO. Note - this can be done prior to initial MC submission, but is not required.
  8. Once all requirements are completed, the MO will create an electronic folder on line to hold the member’s information. This will be available to the member at all times. The member will then be provided with a Woodstock Ontario Flying Club Membership Certificate, Flying Members will also receive a door code, plane booking log in and the log in to the web site members only page.

Operating Rules for all Flying and Owner Members who fly the Club aircraft.
  1. All members must be current with the CARS and remain a member in good standing with the club. Members are encouraged to participate in all club activities, especially hangar sale intake, hangar sale weekend, clubhouse and airfield maintenance. This is what helps make our club what it is.
  2. All members shall ensure their personal file is up to date with the membership officer (MO), including, but not limited to;
    1. contact information,
    2. copy of renewed license,
    3. copy of renewed medical,
    4. copy of all aviation infractions, (which must in turn be reported to SO.
    5. copy of license or medical suspensions or seizures
  3. If a member’s license or medical expires, is suspended or seized, or if the member receives any other aviation infractions. It is the member’s responsibility to advise the MO and SO and abstain from booking and or flying any of the club aircraft until the situation is rectified. Once rectified, it is the member’s responsibility to advise the MO and SO in writing and update their own file.
  4. If a member flies the club aircraft without adhering to the CARS, the matter will be brought to the safety officer (SO) who in turn will report it to the Board of Directors to determine, if necessary, membership sustainability or sanctions to be brought against the member.